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Archipelago Insurance PCC Limited is a Labuan FSA approved protected cell captive insurance company. Archipelago PCC is licensed to underwrite general or life insurance including reinsurance under clients’ cells. It is a single legal entity comprising a core and a number of segregated clients’ cells.

Being the pioneer in South East Asia, Archipelago PCC acts as a stable platform enabling multiple cell users to operate different classes of insurance business through the same legal entity with assets legally segregated and protected from other participating cells as well as from the core of the company, i.e. cellular ring fencing their individual assets and liabilities from risk of contagion of claims or liabilities possibly flowing from other cells.

The Group

Through its four operating entities the Group provides comprehensive and multifaceted products and services of general insurance, life insurance, protected cell captives and captive management services.

Leading the change in traditional trading and the need to adapt to a constantly changing world, Archipelago aims to build up a reputation for success through same traditions and strong values that reflects the long held Asian trading tradition.

• Protected Cell Company Captive
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• Critical Illness
• Key Man Protection
• Involuntary Unemployment
Behind the Name

Archipelago story brings us back to the significant era of the Indian Ocean Trade that has gained an important role in history and played a key factor in East meet West exchanges. The geographical and historical convergence of East and West, Asians, Africans and Europeans interacted with one another over a period of many centuries, participating in a sophisticated structure of commerce and politics.

Over this extensive trade network, the coffee and precious spices of Indonesia (especially cloves, nutmeg, gambir and pepper), the rubber, gold and tin of Malaya, and the silks, porcelains and tea of China travelled to Middle East and Europe, sparking interest there in reaching the sources of these eastern riches.

Asia, then, with its long, rich connections to the wider world and persistent ability over the millennia to integrate ideas and institutions from abroad with varied but still powerful indigenous traditions, has made its mark on world history and will likely continue to do so in near future.

Deriving from this story, Archipelago PCC aims to build the same traditions but with stronger values to become one of the biggest financial services organization, not only in Malaysia but in the world, with services throughout all continents. With the expertise and the excellence and efficient services, Archipelago PCC is ready to make its mark in the industry.
The People - Management
Amiruddin Mohd. Ali
Principal Officer/Director
E. amir@archipelagoltd.com
Ian Lim Teck Soon
E. ian.lim@archipelagoltd.com
Andi Jusuf Tjendana
Head of Captive
E. andi@archipelagoltd.com
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Marketing Executive
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