The relationship between Archipelago PCC and our client is governed by the Share Participation & Cell Management agreements. These agreements set out the services that will be provided and describes how all the significant issues will be handled including funding, distribution of profits and investments. There is a requirement that the risk gap, defined as the difference between ceded premium and the maximum projected loss must be fully collateralised.

The clients participating in these programmes tend to have certain factors in common, such as:

  • Programmes with good loss experience.
  • Programmes with predictable loss history.
  • Financially secure risk owners.
  • Long term commitment to risk management.

N.B. Governing Jurisdiction: Our contracts of insurance / reinsurance are deemed concluded and executed in the Labuan IBFC legal and regulatory framework.

Disclosure: Archipelago PCC is a Labuan FSA registered Protected Cell Company under Labuan Companies Act 1990. A creditor of one cell is not entitled to claim against the assets of the cell. Archipelago Insurance PCC Limited may arrange reinsurance and issue the policy on behalf of a designated cell but does not act as a guarantor to the designated cell or to the creditors of the cell.